We’re Here To Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

Save time, expand your business offerings and grow your bottom line with our free and cost-saving service solutions available to all our dealers. Capitol’s All-Access helps you before and after you receive a product. Our team of experts can pinpoint the exact product you need to get the job done, answer your questions and ship it to you or your job site. Here’s what All-Access is all about:

Free Expert Technical and Product Support

Our team consists of the best in the industry. Our salespeople have either worked in field installation or retail sales prior to joining Capitol. You aren’t just getting the help from one of us – you have an entire team of experts ready to help you! Our salespeople work together to find you an answer and a solution. Our salespeople are constantly receiving formal technical training on new technologies and installation techniques and they are eager to share this knowledge with you – helping you get the job done right the first time.

Free Educational Webinars

Our webinars are an easy way to help you learn in-depth product knowledge, see the latest products available and help provide you with tips to grow your business. We often call in the experts themselves to join us for these webinars and always provide time for you to ask them questions yourself. If you happen to miss one of our webinars, we’ve got you covered as we record all of them for future viewing.

Free Basic System Design

If you are working on a simpler project – for instance, installing a 真人线上娱乐网站home theater or basic smart 真人线上娱乐网站home system - and want to save time, ask your salesperson about helping with the system design. They can help draw you a diagram of what products you need for the project, where they go and have them shipped to you or to the job site.

Advanced Design & Programming Services

Business opportunities may come to you where you need some next-level support and we’re here to help you succeed! Save the time and expense of training your team, hours of programming/configuration and let us give you a hand with one of our paid service solutions:

  • CS Consulting is here to help you no matter how large the project and even offers support for products not sold at Capitol. This group of engineers is eager to help your business grow through:
    • Commercial audio/video configuration
    • Commercial automation systems
    • Network design, programming, configuration and support
    • Residential audio/video configuration
    • Residential automation systems
  • Phone Programming is available for Panasonic certified dealers who want to save time programming a phone or entire phone system.

To learn more about any of the above All-Access dealer services, please call us at 800-447-5196.